If a great quality of life is what you are looking for…

JAMA CAMPAY is a high quality residential community in the northern coastal region of Ecuador. It is ideally located, just four hours from Quito, two hours from Manta, and five hours away from Guayaquil, Ecuador´s most populated city. It is also a short distance away from vibrant coastal towns, such as Canoa and Bahía de Caráquez. Situated in the province of Manabi, one of the most beautiful in all of the country, it is named in honor of the Jama Coaque civilization (355 BC – 1532 AD). And just like one of the greatest civilizations of the region, JAMA CAMPAY aims for uniqueness and greatness.  

The lifestyle offered by JAMA CAMPAY is what it is because of its high yield in quality, exclusivity, comfort, location, safety, welfare and the low cost of living. Commodities prices are relatively low compared to other countries in the world. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why hundreds of foreigners pick Ecuador as their home. They base their decision on social, environmental, and monetary factors. Whereas in international markets finding a “normal” house, at a reasonable price and with the promise of security, is very hard, in Ecuador luxurious homes are very convenient and include astounding views, surrounded by nature and peace. Competitive prices are a reference to the quality of life of Ecuadorians, which is also associated with the high capacity of acquiring other assets, (houses, cars, electronics), and services (Internet, telephone, cable TV).

While affordability is definitely a deal–breaker, so is finding that true quality of life can only be achieved by access– at extremely good prices– to an incredibly variety of fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Ecuadorian markets offer pears, bananas, papayas, peaches, oranges, watermelons, melons, babacos, potatoes, prunes, blackberries, and tomatoes yearlong. Seafood produce is one of the best in the world, and the geography of the country allows for growing crops of all kinds. 

Socio-economic aspects of our country make it possible to enjoy comfort, peace, health, relaxation, and, above all, the everyday joy that being surrounded by an indescribable beauty and the contagious spirit of our loved ones can provide. When Alexander von Humboldt, one of the great minds of the 18th and 19th centuries, visited Ecuador, he famously uttered these words; “The Ecuadorians are rare and unique beings: they sleep peacefully amongst roaring volcanoes, live poorly amid incomparable riches, and rejoice with sad music.” He was trying to convey the simplicity and humbleness of people blessed with everything necessary to lead a fulfilling life. This is what you will find in JAMA CAMPAY, a refugee of your own, to finally achieve the quality of life you always looked for. 

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