A family story


We are a family business group. Constructora del Castillo was founded in 1982 by engineer Eduardo del Castillo, and FDC Consulting Group was later established by Francisco del Castillo. In 2007, Francisco del Castillo did a real estate thesis for his master’s degree – on a coastal community in the Jama area.  “My main aim with my master’s degree was to sell the concept of creating Jama Campay to my father – so we could start making it real with our construction company”, says Francisco.

We are a construction company; our services include real estate development, technical studies and architectural and interior design. Since starting in 1982, we have accomplished some works of national importance in Ecuador:

  • Tesalia bottling factory, Machachi.
  • Conjunto Habitacional Falcóni (residential), Quito (48 houses).
  • Conjunto Habitacional El Andaluz (residential), Conocoto (15 houses).
  • Centro de Convenciones (Convention Center), Ambato (3000 m2).
  • JAMA CAMPAY, Jama.
  • Conjunto Habitacional los Ceibos (residential), Ibarra (500 houses).
  • Terán Dávila (office building), Quito.
  • Coca-Cola storage center, Ambato.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the community surrounding our projects through innovative and integrated solutions.
We position ourselves as a leading company in our field, known both internationally and nationally for maintaining high standards of quality, respect, and integrity, and for working in harmony with the environment.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Best project built in Ambato – Convention Center. Budget: US$2 million. Timeframe:  5 months.
  • Best project in process: JAMA CAMPAY. (Recognized by Ilustre Municipio de Jama.)


Eng. Eduardo del Castillo Becdach
Academic Studies: Civil Engineer, Universidad Central del Ecuador

Engineer Eduardo del Castillo began his professional career almost 40 years ago. The most important building he has constructed to date is the Ambato Convention Centre (1993-1994), built by a workforce of 300 people and funded by the Industry Chamber of Industry, the Municipality, the Prefecture and the provincial government.

Every one of Eduardo del Castillo’s buildings has featured an important innovation for its time. Currently, Eng. Eduardo’s main project is JAMA CAMPAY. This unique and exclusive project on Ecuador’s coast has been acknowledged by Jama´s municipality with the Best Building Project Award. It is also attracting large numbers of foreign buyers from North America through its exposure with groups Pathfinder and International Living.

Eduardo del Castillo makes it imperative for every one of his projects to have a social aim, a meaning: “My motivation is not just the building itself but what it means for the community.” We are a consulting group of Finances, Development and Communication. Our mission is to merge these three concepts in the development of innovative business strategies.

General Director

Francisco del Castillo Andrade
Academic Studies: B.A. Finance, Universidad San Francisco de Quito MDI, Real Estate Management Master’s Degree, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Francisco del Castillo began his professional relationship with Constructora del Castillo in 1997 as Administrative Manager. Later, he worked with other companies as a Project Manager (San Francisco University in Quito, President of GESTAR and ARUTAM). Francisco is currently Executive Director of FDC Consulting Group, once again working with his family’s construction company at the JAMA CAMPAY Project.

Francisco has always had an emotional connection with Jama. His grandfather fell in love with this coast 35 years ago, and Francisco came to love it, too, when on childhood trips to visit him. Francisco established a partnership with his father, Eduardo del Castillo, to make JAMA CAMPAY a reality. Today, Francisco is at the head of the real estate side of the company and leads the program that aims at the socioeconomic development of the emerging community of JAMA CAMPAY.