La Panga Market

I start to work in Constructora del Castillo on September 2012, I am in the marketing and projects department, and one of my principal tasks is to develop new projects. One of the first projects I work on was the development of a mini market in JAMA CAMPAY Playa del Sol. This mini market is called La Panga Market and now is one of my priority projects because it main objective is to give more facilities to the community that live in the JAMA CAMPAY.

It’s important for me to explain you what means for us community. Our community involves a group of people who are very important for us: 70 workers, our suppliers, partners, property owners, tourists and all their families, who will benefit with a variety of high quality products.

One of our strengths as a company is to think out the box, to always ask ourselves – Now what else can we do? So in a short term we want, besides of our mini market in JAMA CAMPAY, to have one in Jama and in a long term we want be a chain of food distribution all over the Ecuador.

But let focus in the present and let me tell you how I am doing in the development of this project.

I thought that this project was going to be a piece of cake, you know, only calling three or four companies and ask them to provide me with their products and that was it, but certainly I was wrong, developing this mini market is quite a challenge, it involve making a data base of all our possible suppliers, taking into account all the products people use. So for this, first I went to the pantry of my house and write down all the products my mom use to buy and this list wasn’t short, but it was nothing comparing to the list I made when I went to market near my house, I had a list of like 100 brands. And this wasn`t the most difficult part, I have to know with company made, import or distribute this brands in Ecuador and all their phone numbers, this was only searching in internet so it was so hard; but calling all this companies and ask them to give me the contact of the person who distribute the product to Jama and then calling this suppliers to make an appointment was frustrating, I had never done so many calls like in that week. But I made it! The next week I have appointments with 12 companies.

I will let you know the next week how this meetings goes.