JAMA CAMPAY, is a life project which aims to contribute to the productive development of the coast of Manabí, while at the same time maximizing the sense of personal satisfaction.

Throughout the last seven years, we have created over 1000 direct and 4000 indirect jobs, thus strengthening the local economy and supporting the professional and personal development of the community. We are a team committed to the welfare of the inhabitants of Jama and its environment.

JAMA CAMPAY also stands for the opportunity to appreciate nature and love it in its purest form. It is the gift of enjoying every day with serenity and joy. Because protecting and honoring green areas is a priority in this project, JAMA CAMPAY only uses up to 35% of the land for construction. The remaining 65% gives way to a magnificent landscape and recreational areas.

JAMA CAMPAY, then, is a lifestyle by the sea and near the forest, a community of houses and apartments excelling in tourism and hospitality. The facilities are equipped with communal parking, permanent security, Wi-Fi, communal pools and sports courts.


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