Not Isolated but far enough


JAMA CAMPAY, Playa del Sol, is your lifestyle oceanfront.

Our community is in Spondylus Route, which remain pristine and secluded beaches where you can stop time and freeze moments you will never forget. We are alone enough to feel sea breeze caressing your body while listening to the gentle patter of the sea against the land. We see how the Pacific Ocean deploys and retracts through our bare feet, which somebody rightly put this name were a few centuries ago.

We are not alone, we’re slightly apart for living calmed in our rooms with expansive views of the sea; or perhaps, points to dive into the pool of our home while –with a smooth-jazz sounded or soft rock- we shyness tenderly the sun’s cherish, that jealous of its orange nakedness, hides behind the sea, at dusk.

Around, far enough away to not interrupt this nature idyll between the sun and the sea, we find a town with a history that has also been witness to this ancient union that gives us the beach, this village is called Jama. Its name means “Little Iguana”, from a legendary chieftain who inhabited this land 2000 years ago, when the ancient Jama-Coaque lived.

We are in Manabi, a large province with gentle ocean views, whose beaches –as well warm and love than JAMA CAMPAY’ beach of sun- seduce us with its natural charms. In the distance, from various points of this mystical province, you can see large islands as Salango and Isla de la Plata, both have ancient archeology of burial funerary and exotic birds such as solitary inhabitants of these islands that made their nest and their home.

Alongside this seascape, joins the humpback whale regularly overlook in the year to give a greeting in middle of a dance sea that leaves jaw-dropping visitors.

Around Jama, we have many places to visit, between the tropical dry forest of the National Park Machalilla, which lives only in the moist sea breeze, since rain is scarce in this area, however, the nature is inexplicable and mysterious because the forest keeps alive to admiration of its visitors.

In Manabí several beaches and cities have renamed as Bahía de Caráquez, San Vicente, San Clemente, San Jacinto, Crucita, Manta, Puerto López, Puerto Cayo, Canoa, Pedernales and Cojimíes, insistently hosting hundreds and hundreds of tourists a year. Jama, meanwhile, is part of a concert of beaches near El Matal, Don Juan, Punta Blanca, Punta Prieta, Punta Ballena, which form a natural symphony extended the hand of the Pacific Ocean.