Because at the sea, it’s a wonderfull world

A popular Spanish song, nothing more than an ode to the ocean, went like this: “In the sea, life is so much tastier; in the sea, I love you so much more. With the sun, the moon, and the stars, in the sea, everything is joy.” Despite what is lost in translation, it is still deeply clear how the ocean has the unique power of making us feel light with peace and carelessness. If you were granted the opportunity of experiencing this every day, would you seize it?

JAMA CAMPAY is a real estate project located right upon the edge of the majestic Pacific Ocean, filling the coast of Ecuador with its immensity. Anybody who has ever felt its power would barely want to leave the shore and venture elsewhere, in search of new adventures. But the truth is, the coastline that makes this place what it is is so inspiring, that it is hard not to go looking for more. The mysteries the waves bring to the oceanfront only enhance the thrill of discovering what little we can of the wonderful world that surrounds us.

Tourism is the best way to do this, taking us to the very core of a country. It leads us to discover the depths of nature, culture and tradition. And in Ecuador, it is not only a very attractive activity; it is also an intimate way to explore yourself and your surroundings. They say we should be able to perceive the world with the infinite curiosity newborns face it with, delighted at every new discovery. Because JAMA CAMPAY is located within such a rich landscape, there are countless opportunities to become what you always dreamed of, simultaneously: a tourist in a place you can call home.

One of the most humbling spectacles of nature is watching the amazing Humpback Whales, (who can travel enormous distances in a straight line, without wavering), playing in the vast ocean, diving into its deepest and emerging from it with delightful splashes, showing their bellies and waving their fins to whomever is willing to watch. If you come from the “developed world”, you are most likely to have seen this unique scene from atop a big, tall boat. But in JAMA CAMPAY, we offer that experience Ecuador-style: after a 40–minutedrive into the open sea on a motorized canoe, the motor will be turned off and you will be able to admire the whales in all their greatness from a close distance. There truly is nothing like it. The adrenaline surges that arise with such an intimate connection with nature can be experienced from June through August.